Information is becoming simpler to digest than in the past. Web and graphics designers have leaped to the growing trend of infographics, where particular details are described in charts and diagrams for simple consumption.

The entire year 2011 has seen some impressive collections of information and knowledge. The transparency (or non-transparency) of government, energy usage, Internet connectivity, worldwide hunger, along with a slew of other statistics should provide you with a concept behind how infographics constructed. Here are 25 of my own faves from 2011 concentrating on a variety of datasets. Knowing of other graphics or would like to share your ideas you are able to publish within the comments area. Enjoy!

60 Seconds on the Web


Shortest Celebrity Marriages

Anatomy of a Web Design Agency

The Most Disruptive Companies in Tech

Instagram Fun Facts

User Generated Content

Apple App Store Sales

Foursquare Passes 10 Million Users

SPAM: More than an Annoyance?

How Busy are Americans?

Occupy Wall Street

Facebook Relationships

Fast Food Nation

Cost of Bugs in Open Source Software

Visual History of Twitter

The Battle of Twitter vs. Time

The Life and Time of Steve Jobs

What is iCloud

iPhone Users and Security

Who Rules Social Media

PBS Mobile Users

Who is Occupy Wall St?

Hiring in the Bay Area via ODesk



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